Tuesday, October 18, 2011

NC State, Evansville, and Kansas State

Matt Rachmiel, my indefatigable informant on new court designs, has brought two new ones to my attention (the first two listed below), plus I discovered one on my own.

One is for the North Carolina State men at the RBC Center. The primary, if not the only, change from the old court appears to be that the areas between the three-point arc and the keys will now have a darker shade of shellac, to set them apart from the other parts of the court.

Second (via Uni Watch, as well as Matt) is the court at Evansville's new arena. The main change from the old court appears to be the removal of the solid orange color from the semi-circles above the free-throw lines. The photo from Uni Watch is from a non-optimal angle, but the Purple Aces' new court seems to look a lot like Kansas State's old one, which is discussed next...

The court change that I discovered is, indeed, Kansas State's. Compared to the old one, the new one:
  • removes the "KANSAS STATE" wordmark from midcourt, 
  • shrinks the stylized Wildcat logo at midcourt (yes!), 
  • applies dark shellac to the three-point areas, 
  • colors in the out-of-bounds area in purple, and 
  • makes "K-STATE" the main wordmark for out of bounds (under each basket and above the center-court area, with "BRAMLAGE COLISEUM" shown in the out-of-bounds area below center-court).