Thursday, November 19, 2015

Morehead State Triples the Ante on Large Logos

Regular readers of this blog know of my distaste for the extremely large logos that appear at center-court of many basketball floors. Thanks to my usual sources, I have learned that Morehead State, which used to have a fairly plain court, has now adopted a design that has not one, but three giant logos. As shown here, there's a huge eagle head facing forward at center-court, plus an enormous "M" inside the three-point arc at each end of the court. The yellow rectangles in the photo appear to be stencils for painting, as the out-of-bounds area is solid blue with yellow lettering in this video.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Brief Items -- November 2015

Via Uni-Watch, the Golden State Warriors will use a modified center-court design (this instead of this) when they wear "The CITY" throwback uniforms, to synchronize the court with the jersey... Via Matt Rachmiel and Uni-Watch, the University of Missouri-Kansas City is the latest team to include a city skyline motif on its court...