Sunday, April 5, 2009

Finally Some Creativity -- Women's Final Four

I like the floor for the NCAA women's Final Four from St. Louis, with a huge arch superimposed over the entire court. Compared to the boring uniformity of the NCAA men's courts (as discussed in the threads below), the women's court reflects some imagination. With the opening semifinal between Louisville and Oklahoma having ended, I was able to get a screenshot from the archived video on

UPDATE: Here are the two courts asked for in the first comment, the "grapefruit" and "guitar" courts (sources: here and here).


  1. I have mixed feelings about the templates for the mens tournaments as I understand what the NCAA is doing, but I was predicting they would do something like this. If you remember, last year in Tampa, the 3 point lines looked like grapefruits and 2 years ago in Cleveland a giant guitar accented the entire length of the floor. I appreciate them doing this for the womens tournaments.

    Floor shots of the last 2 years would be great if anyone could find them

  2. The women's courts are awesome. Hopefully they get the people who make those designs to start making the mens courts

  3. I work on the design of these courts as well as the "look" package for these events. In particular the Women's and Men's designs from 2009 and 2010. I appreciate the comments, and I can tell you we do creative for both the Men's and Women's tournaments. Just keep in mind that artists don't always (actually very rarely) get to do everything they want. What the client wants the client gets. That said, we're very happy with this years court designs especially the Women's court in San Antonio. I'm definitely biased so let me know what you think.