Monday, September 7, 2009

Courts of Former NBA Teams: Buffalo Braves

A new feature I'd like to introduce is the documentation of court designs for NBA teams that are no longer in existence (either because the franchise moved to a different city or went completely defunct). Today's inaugural ex-team is the Buffalo Braves (1970-1978), who later became the Clippers (first in San Diego, then in Los Angeles). The Braves played at the Memorial Auditorium (better known as "The Aud"), which was demolished only within the past year, even though the NHL Sabres had moved to a new arena in 1996.

The Braves' basketball court is depicted on the Buffalo Sports Museum website (pages 3 and 4). Buffalo does not have an official athletic shrine. Rather the "Museum" is a personal memorabilia collection -- a labor of love, really -- by lifelong Buffalo sports fan John Boutet.

As can be seen on the linked webpages, the Aud's court for the Braves was pretty basic, with solid blue keys and a midcourt logo on a solid circular white background.

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