Thursday, March 17, 2011

NCAA, NIT, etc., Open Thread

Another year of the same, boring, standardized NCAA court.

We'll have to look to the NIT and other tournaments (CBI, CIT, NAIA) for more exciting courts...

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  1. Alan - don't know if you've seen any of the women's tourney...but the NCAA didn't force feed their courts on THOSE arenas! It was a pleasant surprise to see!

  2. Alan:

    Actually, for the women's tourney, the first 2 rounds are played at the highest seed's home court, I believe.

    The regional semis and final games were played at neutral sites and had the same generic look as the men's tourney courts.

    Matt Rachmiel

  3. Campus sites are indeed used for the first and second rounds of the women's tourney, but the locations are determined well in advance, not simply given to the highest seeds. A controversy in this year's tournament is that Gonzaga, a No. 11 regional seed, got to play at home, where it defeated No. 3 seed UCLA and No. 6 seed Iowa.