Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Single 3-PT Arc for College Men and Women

Sorry for not picking up on this earlier, but it just hit me that a great many college-basketball courts now feature only a single three-point arc at each end, not the two separate arcs for men and women that we'd grown accustomed to. Here's the University of Michigan's Crisler Arena, as one example.

Last summer, the NCAA voted to bring the men's and women's arcs into sync. I had always found having two arcs right near each other to be a distraction, so am glad to see the change.

Not all schools have erased the previous women's inner arc, however. As seen in the lower-left of the adjoining screen capture from highlights of last Saturday's Baylor at Texas Tech men's game, the United Spirit Arena's floor still has two arcs.

My guess is that, because the arena hosts games every year in the Texas high school state championship tournament, the inner arc may still serve a purpose.

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