Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Texas Tech Revamps Court Again; Iowa State Too

Right here in my figurative backyard, Texas Tech has redesigned its basketball floor after only four years since the previous update. You can see a nine-photo sequence of day-to-day progress in putting down the new design, at Viva The Matadors. It's neat how the huge stencils and other masking processes are used.

(Not all browsers may be able to display the full set of nine photos; Google Chrome couldn't on my computer, but Internet Explorer could. I was, however, able to view the day-9 photo on Chrome.)

As one of the Viva The Matadors commenters points out, Texas Tech now joins the University of Texas, Austin, and Texas A&M in using the state outline at midcourt. I guess Tech doesn't score high on originality points. Another writes that, "When you have a logo with such precision and detail as the TT, it is better to be left to stand alone." I've never formally studied graphic design, but this last comment rings true to me.


Elsewhere in the Big 12, Iowa State has a modest revision to its court. Even though the Hilton Coliseum floor was stripped completely and repainted, as shown in this time-lapse video, the only major difference entailed a shift from keys that were solid red to empty keys.

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