Sunday, April 5, 2015

NCAA Women's Final Four Court in Tampa, FL

The women's Final Four is underway and, as usual, the women's court has a more adventurous design than the men's (which is not a tough standard to beat). Whether or not an intentional reference to the Tampa Bay Rays baseball team, the court's main feature is a depiction of rays of the sun, emanating from center-court in different shades of shellac. There are also palm-tree leaves painted in the corners. A third unique feature involves purple boxes in the keys, like rubber-stamp designs, saying "FOUR It All" (these are hard to read, except when there's a backboard-camera view of a free-throw attempt). Here's a photo of the court tweeted by Jeff Spiegel.

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  1. Nice! There's also this time-lapse video. I would have had no idea that this is how they made a court like this.