Friday, September 4, 2015

Athlon 2015-16 Preview Magazine Features "Courts Gone Wild"

With the upcoming college-basketball season roughly two months away, the annual preview magazines are hitting the newsstands. One publisher, Athlon Sports, has a feature in its magazine entitled "Courts Gone Wild." The article is accompanied by photographs of several of the game's gaudiest courts. Two that I wasn't aware of are Manhattan's nearly all-green floor and Oakland's (Michigan) "blacktop" court featuring a growling grizzly in the center. Oakland's court is somewhat reminiscent of Northern Illinois's and Central Florida's.

A theme running through the article is how vivid court designs that are unique to a particular university can serve as 94- X 50-foot advertisements for a school -- yet another way to monetize the game of college basketball. Oregon's court, which the article describes as the view one would have waking up in a sleeping bag in the forest, is probably the best example. Commercial advertisements may also become more common on court surfaces, as large decals that aren't slippery to the players have been developed.

UPDATE (9/9/15): Here's another college floor, from Arkansas-Monticello, that would have been at home with the other "wild" courts (via Matt Rachmiel and Uni-Watch).

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