Thursday, March 17, 2016

New NCAA Tourney Court Design

As a commenter on a previous post noted, there is a new design for NCAA-tournament courts. The format is identical in all cities, with a unique color-coding scheme for each location. As shown here, the different areas inside the court (the keys, inside and outside the three-point arcs) appear in different shades of wood shellac. The out-of-bounds area framing the court is what differs in color from site to site.

From the games I've seen so far, the court in Providence features royal blue, light blue, and red, whereas the one in Raleigh is mainly light blue and lavender. The center-court logos, which say "March Madness" for this weekend, will be updated for later rounds. Also, labels in the out-of-bounds area identify the city (above the center-court area) and round (upper-left corner).

I find the new style a definite improvement over the "blue-blob" design of the past several years, although some of the new color schemes will need getting used to.

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