Sunday, February 22, 2009

BracketBusters Court Logo

The last two days have seen the annual BracketBusters event in college basketball. Roughly 100 teams from "mid-major" conferences take a short break from league play, as they are paired off to each play a nonconference game. The aim is to give each participating team the opportunity for an additional quality win to help their prospects for getting into the NCAA tournament. Not surprisingly in this era of extensive court decoration, there is a BracketBusters logo, which appeared on the courts at these games.

(I did a screen-capture of a freeze-frame of's online highlights of the Utah State-St. Mary's game.)

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  1. I saw the Vermont game over the weekend and there is a new design. Inverse painted with the conf logo at the foul line and the school's athletics website on the sidelines in front of the benches. There is a photo of the new design at the school's athletics website.