Monday, February 9, 2009

McArthur Court (U. Oregon): A Historical Look

Jeremy Brahm e-mailed me with links to some old photos of the center-court and free-throw/key areas in the University of Oregon's McArthur Court. I've visited "Mac Court" myself, so I thought this was an excellent opportunity to put together a description of the court's evolution over the decades.

The first photo in our sequence, provided by Jeremy, is of a 1960s-era UO men's team situated along the free-throw line, so most of the key is showing. As Jeremy asks seemingly in amazement, "How about the Donald Duck spinning a basketball on his finger for the University of Oregon?"

Next, also from Jeremy, is a team picture of the 1980-81 Lady Ducks at center court. Seeing this black-and-white photo leads me to recall that the color scheme was something like this PowerPoint image I just slapped together (I was an undergrad student at UCLA at the time, so I watched Pac-10 games from Oregon on TV fairly frequently):

Next is a picture I took myself, during a 2001 visit to Eugene. As can be seen (albeit fuzzily), the midcourt logo consists of a large O, with a duck marching through, and interlocked UO symbols are located to the lower-left and upper-right of the center circle.

Finally, the Ducks' present layout consists of a singular, bold O at midcourt, with "OREGON" shown immediately beneath it. It's the same kind of O that's used on the school's football helmets.

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  1. A very unusual feature of the floor at Oregon is that "The Pit" written inside the key faces outside the court, to be read by fans! Almost all other basketball court words face inside the court.