Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mississippi State Spells it All Out at Center Court

While watching some of today's Tennessee at Mississippi State men's game on TV, I saw some feature's of Mississippi State's court that I didn't recall seeing before. I did a little research and indeed the Bulldogs have made a few changes this year. The top photo in the following montage is the current court (photo from the university's athletic website). Not only is there the big MISSISSIPPI STATE spell-out across the center of the court, but there's a Bulldog logo to the lower-right and upper-left of the wordmark. The logo shown in the montage below (obtained from here) appears to be the same one used on the court; if it's not that exact logo, it's something close. Finally, in the lower-right of the montage, we see the old M-STATE logo (source); note, however, that the court also included a Mississippi State spell-out (not in all capitals) just above the center-court M-STATE (I've added an arrow to show the location of the old spell-out).

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  1. There is also the nickname for the arena, Humphrey Coliseum, on the baselines.

    Matt R.