Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ole Miss Court Only Slightly Different Than NCAA's, But Much Better Looking

I watched some of tonight's NIT game between the school where I'm on the faculty, Texas Tech, and the University of Mississippi. One of the things that jumped out at me was how the keys on Ole Miss's court were only slightly different from those on the NCAA tournament's uniform court, but much better looking, in my view at least. Shown below are some screen captures I made, juxtaposing the NCAA court (above) and Ole Miss court (below). Both have unpainted keys and solid blue semi-circles. Maybe it's just me, but by having heavy, as opposed to thin, lines outlining the sides of the key, the Mississippi court just looks more complete.


  1. Agreed. That little bit of color makes a big difference. The only thing I like about the NCAA floors is that they only have one three-point line on each half of the floor. It's a cleaner look... but the colors are still too plain for my tastes.

  2. I wouldnt mind the NCAA court nearly as much if it wasnt at every site. If it was just one site that looked like that then no problem. Just that we seen it all the time is whats makes it detestable. Case in point, I believe if you look back at the 06 Regionals, the West Region I believe in San Jose, (I was watching the Gonzaga-UCLA game from that year) had a pretty similar look to what became the standard court, but it didnt seem to much of a problem at the time because that was pre-uniformity.