Sunday, February 27, 2011

ECU Combines State Outline with Logo Imagery

Following up on my immediately previous posting about UNC-Chapel Hill's state outline at the Dean Smith Center (below), East Carolina University (which is in North Carolina) has found a unique way to incorporate the same shape, but suffuse it with imagery of the school's Pirate logo. Via a cool website called Arena Fanatic, which reviews the experience of attending games at various sports venues around the nation and is worth checking out, we have the following look at ECU's center-court logo, which I've zoomed-in on...


  1. Thanks for checking out my site. The center court logo is called the "Pirate State of Mind"

    I like the ECU logo better then the UNC one.

  2. Alan, I believe that the ECU football field has also occassionally used the "Pirate State of Mind" logo at midfield that last few years.

    Matt Rachmiel