Sunday, April 1, 2012

What a Women's Final Four Court in Denver!

In stark contrast to the uniformity of the men's NCAA Division I tournament courts, the women's Final Four has for several years given us interesting designs. From last year's Indianapolis throwback to the old-style thin key, to previous years' St. Louis Arch, Tampa Bay Citrus fruit, and Cleveland (home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame) Guitar themes (all shown here), the women's Final Four aims to provide a geographically relevant, colorful motif. Some observers admire the creativity of these designs, whereas others find them over the top.

Denver is the host city for this year's women's Final Four and, as revealed a short time ago with the start of the first semi-final between Notre Dame and UConn, the court pays tribute to Denver's presence alongside the Rocky Mountains. As shown below in a screen-capture from's highlights, the design features a mountain range painted the entire length of the court, from baseline to baseline, covering the lower one-third of the court as would be seen on one's television screen (updated 9:00 pm Central).


  1. And how about the three different shades/shellacks of wood on the court!

    Matt Rachmiel

  2. That is just an awesome court. Makes me wish womens basketball was more watchable as Id much rather see games on their courts than then men's awful uniformity

  3. What a fantastic court design. One of the best in basketball period.