Sunday, April 7, 2013

2013 Women's Final Four in New Orleans

With the men's Division I NCAA tournament continuing to use a standard floor design, the women's Final Four is the only opportunity each season to anticipate a wild, unusual, and/or creative court scheme (Denver 2012, Indianapolis 2011, and others).

The latest women's Final Four court, unveiled just a couple of hours ago in New Orleans, is certainly more artistic than the typical court, but perhaps a little more subdued than women's Final Four courts of the last few years.

The New Orleans court has a pretty typical "Final Four" logo at center court. The novel design features are located along both baselines, reaching into the keys. Probably the best-known symbol of New Orleans is the fleur de lis (or lily flower in French). What's on the court looks like an elaborate system of curls, growing out of a fleur de lis. If you look at the reddish image in the upper-right corner of this montage, you'll have an idea of what the women's Final Four court looks like.

UPDATE: Here's an aerial shot of the court.

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