Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Big 3: Summer 3-on-3 Half-Court for Retired Pros

Most readers of this blog have probably come across a telecast or other reference to the new Big 3 league, featuring former pros such as Allen Iverson, Kenyon Martin, and Mike Bibby playing half-court games of 3-on-3. If you haven't already seen the court design, there are at least two things that will jump out at you: a professional-quality hardwood floor built specifically for half-court play (I've never seen one before), and the four-point shot area. OK, click here to take a look.

The Big 3's eight teams are not linked to cities, but rather have nicknames such as 3's Company, 3 Headed Monster, and Killer 3's. Each Sunday from late June to late August (except for the title game, to be held on Saturday, August 26), the league touches down in a different city, in barnstorming fashion. All eight teams appear on the same bill in a given city, playing a quadruple header.

Opening night in Brooklyn and Week 2 in Charlotte both used a court with the out-of-bounds area and key painted gray, so this may be the standard look for the whole season. It might have been nice to keep the design the same, for example, in terms of what is painted in and what is not, but use a different theme color in each city.

For further information, see the Big 3's Wikipedia page.

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